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IBB + Semantic Arts + Stealth

A Data-Centric Model of the Global Economy


Industry Building Blocks LLC (aka: IBB) is the first company to define the global economy by granular industry in terms of the top 21,500 industries.

Semantic Arts Inc. is a global leader in the data-centric transformation movement taking place via the use of knowledge graphs.

IBB Research identified Semantic Arts as the best of the best in understanding and implementing the data-centric future that IBB is focused on to make the Industry Knowledge Graph™ the #1 source for industry information.

After only three months of pleading, begging and groveling, IBB, at the height of the Christmas Season in 2019, got Dave McComb (president and co-founder of Semantic Arts) to agree to the collaboration which resulted in this Industry Knowledge Graph™ resource.

A part of the vision of the Industry Knowledge Graph is to normalize many of the Industry Classification Systems (ICS) in use today. IBB, as the most granular ICS, can translate between IBB and NAICS, ICIS, NACE, UKSIC, and ANZSIC. There are other ICS systems listed at ICS. If you’d like to make your data accessible via the Industry Knowledge Graph™, please let us know – we’re open about our future plans except in stealth mode about other companies that want to be added to the platform.

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Semantic Arts Inc

Semantic Arts is a professional services firm focused on solving business problems for clients with solutions that embrace new technologies, including data-centic architectures, superior ontologies and deep semantics, graph databases, and other supporting technologies.

Semantic Arts supports industry standards (such as W3C) and also promotes “gist by Semantic Arts Inc” – a minimalist upper ontology which is licensed under creative commons, which means it’s free if you attribute the source to

Semantic Arts is implementing the Industry Knowledge Graph solution by combining a state-of-the-art technology platform with (what IBB describes as) a state-of-the art industry classification system and model of the global economy.

Semantic Arts Website

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Industry Building Blocks


Industry Building Blocks provides:

o Information on over 21,500 industries.

o Line of business (LOB) analysis for over 12,000 companies.

o Ability to analyze any number of companies side-by-side.

The information in the Industry Knowledge Graph will initially start with competitor information. As the knowledge graph platform builds out – and as more of you sign up for the service – additional information will be added. The information template IBB uses for each of the 21,500+ industries leverages Michael Porter’s five forces framework and includes: competitors, substitutes, vendors, customers (channels and end users), complements, and much more.