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The Industry Universe

Start from super-sector (top level) and single-click to expand each level below within the Industry Universe.

At some levels you will invest tokens (subscribe) to access more granular data that will then display within the Industry Universe and allow you to continue drilling down.

After subscribing, the number of purchased triples (facts) will be displayed inside parallelograms to the right of each header.

    • Supersector (top level, free to view)
      • Sector (free to view)
        • Subsector (subscribe to see industry groups in a subsector)
          • Industry Group

(subscribe to see industries in an industry group)

  • Industry (lowest level of analysis)
  • Industry Competitors (subscribe to see industry competitors)
    • Top Parent Competitor (data)
    • Primary Market Brand (data)
  • Product & Service Offering (data)
  • Industry Data (subscribe to see industry data)
    • Industry Definition (data)
    • Industry Classification Codes (data)
    • Estimated Industry Annual Revenue (data)
    • Estimated Industry Annual Growth Rate (data)

The Industry Universe

To be continued…