The list presented here only scratches the surface of Industry Knowledge Graph terms and Industry terms. This list represents vocabulary terms hand picked based on their relevance, importance, and definition that might be distinctively different than common usage outside the field of industry ontology.  

Many terms differ in focus or usage from their common definition.

Top 20 Vocabulary terms based on usage and relevance.

Industry Universe

The Industry Universe refers to the hierarchical structure within IndustryKG that categorizes industries, sectors, and sub-sectors, enabling users to explore and navigate through different levels of industry classification.


Sectors are segments of industries, but within IndustryKG, they are part of a unique classification system that categorizes different commercial fields


Sub-sectors are more specific categories within sectors, further breaking down industries into smaller groups within IndustryKG

Industry Groups

Industry Groups represent collections of individual industries with common characteristics and are part of IndustryKG’s classification.

IBB Codes

IBB Codes are the unique codes used by Industry Building Blocks (IBB) to identify and classify industries, sectors, and sub-sectors in IndustryKG.

Competitive Landscape

The Competitive Landscape in IndustryKG represents data that users can subscribe to, revealing which organizations compete within a particular industry.

Head-to-Head Comparison

Head-to-Head Comparison in IndustryKG allows users to compare two organizations directly, analyzing their lines of business and areas of competition.

Summary Data

Summary Data provides an overview of key information about an industry, organization, or sector within IndustryKG

Industry Classification Codes

Industry Classification Codes are codes used in IndustryKG to categorize and classify industries, sectors, and sub-sectors

Attractiveness (Porter)

Attractiveness, based on the Porter’s Five Forces model, assesses the competitive environment and profitability of an industry within IndustryKG.

Historical Growth

Historical Growth in IndustryKG provides data on the past performance and growth trends of industries or organizations.

Search Industries

Searching Industries involves using the Industry Universe’s search function to find relevant industries and explore their data

Search Organizations

Searching Organizations allows users to find specific companies or organizations and access their data in IndustryKG.


Tokens in IndustryKG are units of measurement or currency used for accessing specific data or subscribing to information.”

Compare Organizations

Comparing Organizations in IndustryKG involves analyzing and contrasting two organizations’ lines of business and areas of competition.