Exploring the Industry Universe

The Industry Knowledge Graph presents an opportunity to explore from two distinctive starting points: Industries and Organizations. This distinct approach allows users to find the data they are looking for based on their unique objectives.

The exploration of industries offers an opportunity to delve from the top down. This method enables you to navigate through sectors and subsectors, progressively honing in on specific industries of interest, the associated industry data, and the organizations and brand offerings involved.

Exploring organizations starts with the identifying a specific organization of interest. This journey uncovers brands, brand offerings, and insights into the competitive landscape. It also opens the door to doing specific brand offering comparisons of competing organizations.

Whether you are searching or exploring, the Industry Knowledge Graph reveals the interconnectedness between industries and the organizations that operate within. This integrated perspective offers a granular understanding, expanding across the entire industry universe.

Exploring & Searching the Global Economy From All Angles

Explore Industries categorizes industries into 18 Super Sectors and multiple subsectors, revealing over 3,000 Industry Groups. This approach allows subscription to industry sectors, ideal for grasping the range of products and services within specific industry groups.

Explore Organizations initiates exploration by identifying specific companies and their offerings. This path involves searching for organizations and identifying shared products and services among competitors, with the option to subscribe to relevant data.

Subscription opportunities appear at new data paths