Compare Organizations

The most powerful feature of the Industry Knowledge Graph is the ability to compare two organizations side-by-side at the Industry Group and Industry level. This feature brings strategic precision for analyzing mergers, acquisitions, competitors, vendors, business customers, ecosystem partners, etc.

Compare Organizations [1 of 2]

  1. Organization comparisons are done from the Top Parent perspective.
    1. Top Parent Competitors tab shows all companies that share at least one Industry Group.
    2. Columns show the number of shared Industry Groups and the number of shared Industries between the two top parent companies.
    3. Clicking COMPARE opens a Knowledge Graph showing comparison data.
  1. Organization comparisons are made between the Top Parent Competitors.
    1. Shared Industry Groups appear in the center column.
    2. Industries exclusive to each competitor appear to the left and right.
    3. Clicking on an industry group collapses and expands the list of Industries. The company coloring reveals the when the companies compete head-to-head, and when they do not.
    4. Clicking on an industry opens a new knowledge graph showing the industry competitors for that specific industry, which often leads to analyzing additional companies with a single click.