Triples are the essential building blocks of knowledge in our application. In the simplest term, triples are units of data (facts). What makes them different is that they are not just single data points, like products, company names, or industry totals. Triples present facts in context (two facts connected by their relationship). They are also the units that the application uses to quantify subscription totals.

Triples are units of data that show subjects, objects, and the relationship between them.

Triples consist of three important pieces of information, often referred to as statements – a subject, an action (predicate), and an object. Think of it as connecting the dots between different facts and data points, creating a clear picture of the relationships between things.

When triples are combined, they connect information that has a common element, like products or industries, that multiple organizations are associated with. This reveals relationships and connections among different entities, at both a granular level, and across the industry universe.

This example shows Coca Cola Company and Pepsi Co compete in Apple Juice Manufacturing,but not in Corn Chips or Chocolate Bars.