Search Organizations

Exploring Organizations starts with a robust search tool enabling the discovery of specific organizations by using text related to the organization’s name, a subsidiary name, a division name, a brand name, or the name of one of its products or services. As the input text is entered, matches which contain the input text are offered in the dropdown menu. Once the selection-criteria text is confirmed by the user, the set of matching organizations with matching terms is displayed.

Search Organizations [2 of 3]

  1. Search a name or term.
    Based on the user input text, a list of of matching names and terms will appear.
  1. Choose a match from the results list.
    The list of resulting matches may be from organization name, subsidiary name, division names, brand names, and product and service names.
  1. Organization View Screen.
    1. The Organization View Screen shows data relating to that top parent organization.
    2. Data is organized into four tabs: Top Parent Summary, The organizations Lines of Business, The organizations Logical Hierarchy, and Top Parent Competitors. The Top Parent Summary data is shown for all organizations. The remaining tabs are displayed only with a subscription, unless its one of the 6 free companies shown in the demo system.