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The Industry Knowledge Graph™ Database

Existing industry classification schemes may be good enough for economists or academics, but businesspeople competing in the marketplace need much more detail. They need a deep focus on the competitive landscape.

Most large firms compete in dozens to hundreds of discrete marketplaces and face different competitors and pressures in each. The IndustryKG™ database brings depth and clarity to each industry and each company, revealing strategic opportunities at the corporate, industry group, and industry (line-of-business) level in its intuitive knowledge graph.

We provide the best model of the global economy.

See how we use a state-of-the art knowledge graph platform to directly support business decision makers worldwide, as well as support corporations seeking to access our strategically relevant triplestore for industry and company information.

We provide the most granular model of the global economy.

Our mission is to provide a clear understanding of the complex universe of industries, competitors, and brands at a highly granular level through the use of state of the art visualization and knowledge graphs.

IndustryKG™ leverages over 22 years of identifying and strategically characterizing more than 23,000 discrete industries that comprise the global economy.

What data do you need to make informed strategic decisions? Find out how IndustryKG™ can help you.

Tell us what you want to do. There is a subscription and service plan specific to your needs.