The Industry Knowledge Graph for Business Execs™

The Industry Knowledge Graph™ Database

Existing industry classification schemes may be good enough for economists or academics, but business persons competing in the marketplace need much more strategic data. They need a deep focus on the competitive landscape.

Every Industry Has Its Own “5 Forces Story” Beginning With Competitors.

We provide the best model of the global economy.

Our mission is to use a state-of-the art knowledge graph platform to directly support business decision makers worldwide, as well as support corporations seeking to access our strategically relevant triplestore for industry and company information.

Other Industry Classification Systems
define “Industries” at too high a level to appreciate true head-to-head competition.






IndustryKG has spent over 22 years identifying and characterizing the 24,000+ discrete industries that make up the world economy (with an emphasis on industry competitors by company and by brand name).
This comprehensive data is now available as a
Dynamic Knowledge Graph
to support Market Research, M&A, and Corporate & Business Unit Strategy. The data is continuously updated & available only with an IndustryKG subscription.

Get a hands-on experience of usability and depth of the Industry Knowledge Graph universe yourself.

Discover how two competing companies, Coca-Cola Company and PepsiCo Inc., compare in this free “partial-universe” IndustryKG demo.

What data do you need to make informed strategic decisions? Find out how IndustryKG™ can help you.

Tell us what you want to do. There is a subscription and service plan specific to your needs.

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