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Competition exists in very fine-grained industries. This database has the 24,000 industries that companies compete in worldwide. There is a considerable amount of data on each industry, including the major competitors and brands, as well as much more information.

The Industry Knowledge Graph™ Early Adopter Program

We’re looking for a few early adopters. The ideal early adopter looks like this:

  • Works in a strategic capacity (strategic planning, corporate development, mergers & acquisitions)
  • For a medium to large firm
  • Has considerable experience using data to drive strategy decisions
  • Is accustomed to paying large sums for data feeds, or bespoke consulting advice on strategic issues

You will be given access to data that is unique. Actually unique, as in: doesn’t exist anywhere else in the world. You will pay for this access, but it will be a small fraction of what you are accustomed to spending. We would like to interview you periodically through your data consumption to benchmark whether our hypothesis, which is that this data can make profound differences in the way strategic decisions are made, is valid. If you meet these criteria, and would like to be considered for the early adopter program, please contact us.

Featured Solutions





Industry Knowledge Graph™ Platform

(aka: IndustryKG™ Online)
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  • Single User
  • Team (2-10 people)
  • Department (11-100 people)
  • Enterprise (100+ people)

IndustryKG™ Platform online subscription

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IndustryKG™ Triples to Go

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  • For internal use only
  • Option to customize data use to other stakeholders
RDF in Turtle, TriG, XML, and JSON-LD

IBB Industry Group Taxonomy

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  • A taxonomy of 3,359 IBB industry groups that cover the global economy
  • Option to also include competitor data and more

Data Centric Strategic Planning™

(DCSP) Starter Kit Solution
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  • DCSP – Using the cloud of your choice
  • DCSP – On your premise

* More information coming soon. If you want to add your data and/or advertise on the Industry Knowledge Graph™ Platform, feel free to contact us now as we’re close to launching the services above.

The Data-Centric Revolution

by Dave McComb

Shift from application-centric to data-centric to enable your organization to develop more efficient and successful Enterprise Information Systems.

Get a hands-on experience of usability and depth of the Industry Knowledge Graph universe yourself.

Discover how two competing companies, The Coca-Cola Company and Pepsi Co compare in this free “partial-universe” IKG demo.