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About This Demo

The Industry Knowledge Graph™ Explorer allows you to learn about the global economy in fine detail. This demo illustrates the functionality and usability of the data by focusing on six organizations (Coca-Cola, PepsiCo, et al). Explore the various industries they participate in and see where they compete directly and where they don’t.

This demo exposes just the tip of the iceberg of data in the Industry Knowledge Graph Explorer – revealing a tiny fraction of the data we have on over 24,000 granular industries. It functions the same way it would if you had a subscription to the full data. This will include details about the industries such as decision makers, buyer types, end user types, channels, product varieties, trends impacting the industry, and much more.

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Part One — Analyze An Organization

Part Two — Compare Two Organizations

Part Three — Analyze Industry Competitors

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Come back over the coming weeks and months as we will be adding functionality to the product, and to the demo. This will include details about the industries such as product variants, channels, buyer segments, relative strength of competitors and much more.

Note: the IndustryKG™ model of the global economy is unique, comprehensive, and is constantly being updated.
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