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Industry Knowledge Graph LLC is a joint venture between Industry Building Blocks and Semantic Arts.

We shudder to use the term “synergy” when describing this partnership, because most usage of the term is hollow, but in this case, we think it is justified. Both companies came to the partnership with important assets, which only improved in their combination.

Industry Building Blocks has a compilation of data that exists nowhere else on earth. They have dissected the world economy to the level where competition actually exists. Until now, this information has been made available to clients through static data sets, in pdf reports or csv data dumps. While successful, these formats hardly do justice to the rich interconnectedness of the data.

Semantic Arts championed the Data-Centric revolution, an approach to managing enterprise data that recognized the huge economic advantage of making data a first-class citizen and relegating application functionality its supporting role. While Semantic Arts has been perfecting their methodology and approach and have many successful enterprise transformation projects under their belt, they never had any data of their own or a platform to showcase the possibility.

Industry Knowledge Graph™ is that platform. Clients can come to the platform, explore and subscribe to data they believe will improve their competitiveness.

But this is just the beginning of the partnership. Our next joint offering includes Knowledge Graph starter kits. If you have a Knowledge Graph initiative and would like to populate it with industry and business intelligence information, we can provide Knowledge Graph triples. If you don’t yet have a Knowledge Graph project, we have an excellent starting point: Data-Centric Strategic Planning. In our Data-Centric Strategic Planning offering, we start by standing up a Knowledge Graph on your premises or the cloud of your choice. We populate it with information on your company, all the industries it competes in, and key competitors it faces in each. The data set contains analysis of each of the industries following the (Porter) five forces model. From there, depending on the scope of the project, we can harvest data from your internal systems (head count and budget primarily) and marry that with the competitive external data to provide the ultimate tailored strategic planning platform.
We’re building a bigger tent. If you are a data provider, or have internal data you would like to monetize, and your data would be enhanced by being combined with the Industry Knowledge Graph data, please contact us. We can make our subscription service available and provide you with an additional way to monetize your data assets.

Dave McComb, President, Industry Knowledge Graph LLC

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